What is Canton for All People?

Canton for All People is a Community Development  Corporation formed by Crossroads United Methodist Church in in partnership with the Lemmon and DeHoff family foundations to bring quality housing and opportunities for all people to downtown Canton.  Canton for All People was formed to help the church address two of its primary focus areas (1) Overcoming Poverty Together (2) Seeking Health and Wholeness for All.

In tackling these areas in Canton, it became evident that the church needed to address the growing problem within our community that the housing conditions for many residents downtown were unsafe, unaffordable, and oftentimes unlivable.  These conditions have led to higher crime rates, high unemployment, and have kept families in a cycle of poverty that is difficult to overcome.


After numerous encounters with this challenge through the church's ministries, Canton for All People was formed to gather community partners, address housing and community needs in neglected neighborhoods, and ensure our city's neighborhoods have access to resources that would help people live healthier lives.