The killing of Cecil.


     My heart was broken by news that Cecil, a lion who lived in a Zimbabwe animal preserve, was killed by an American hunter. Such a grand and majestic animal taken down for “sport” is just barbaric! 

     The outpouring of worldwide anger over this killing has been swift and loud! Currently the search is on to find the hunter who has now gone into hiding fearful for his life. 

     It was sad but with all the coverage we might think it is the most tragic thing ever. So I did a priority check. I asked myself, “Yes I’m sad about the death of Cecil, but am I as sad and angry about…

  •  14,000+ People senselessly murdered each year in America?  

  •  4 Children every day killed by child abuse or neglect in America?

  •  32,000+ People worldwide murdered by terrorists in 2014?

  •  27 Million People worldwide used as sex slaves?

  •  100,000+ Children used as sex slaves in America?

  •  50.1 Million Americans living in food insecure homes? 

  •  805 Million People worldwide suffering from chronic undernourishment?

     What this priority check reminded me was that yes losing a majestic lion to “sport hunting” is terribly sad, but it pales in comparison to the amount of human suffering going on every day around the world and in our neighborhoods.  

     There is no doubt that we need to continually support animal conservation efforts and end big game sport hunting. However, what if we were to put the same passion and anger we feel about a lion’s death toward relieving the suffering of so many people in our community, our nation and our world? Maybe then this world would begin to be a very different place. Just something to consider…


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